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Faith and Music Therapy with Olive

January 01, 2023 Olive Tiger Season 1 Episode 3
The Dank Christian Memes Podcast
Faith and Music Therapy with Olive
Show Notes

Olive, leader of the band Olive Tiger, talks with Broclen about music as therapy and the intersections between music and faith. We hear about Olive's faith journey and sample some music from Olive Tiger. Later on we have a Q and A with our audience members and touch upon various topics related to faith.

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Olive Tiger is an evolution of sound and texture: a nontraditional rock trio that lushly combines electronics with organic elements of chamber-pop, defying the boundaries of genre in favor of obsessive exploration. Olive Tiger features an unusual collection of instrumentation featuring Olive (cello, guitar, vocals), Jesse Newman (violin, synths, electronics), and John McGrath (drums, percussion).

The group’s sophomore collection, a series of EPs titled Softest Eyes, continues the expansion of their sound palette with Side B. Softest Eyes: Side B features distinctly-crafted tracks ranging from disarmingly sunny to alluringly moody, drawing from a full and complex range of human experiences.

Olive Tiger has shared the stage with a growing roster of notable musicians including Dirty Projectors, Kishi Bashi, Xenia Rubinos, and Kyp Malone (of TV on the Radio), and has garnered growing attention for its work. The band was named Emerging Artist of the Month by The Deli Magazine, and received a nomination for Best in State for the New England Music Awards. Olive Tiger was also honored with an Artist Excellence Fellowship Award from The Connecticut Office of the Arts.

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Our music is provided by Olive Tiger.

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